Under Graduate Level Projects (Bachelors in Engineering: Computer)


1.       Configured a linkage between LPT1 & cluster of 4 Light Emitting Diodes: (LED’s)using Program Interphasing with C Language

2.       Transfer @ Max

3.       OPTIRMS (Optimum Resource Management System)

4.       Digitized Map of UVPCE (J2EE / JSP)

5.       Commercial Project in Internet Engineering



1. Title: Configured a linkage between LPT1 & cluster of 4 Light Emitting Diodes: (LED’s)using Program Interphasing with C Language


Semester: I & II


Team Size: 1


Guided by: Prof. K. Modi


Description: This fully automated centralized Program controls the automatic transmission of the signal lights, which further was made as a service that can be installed in any system, which latter was also made platform independent.


2. Title: Transfer @ Max


Semester: IV & V


Team Size: 2


Name of Guide: Prof. V. K. Patel


Description: This project utilizes the Computer Modem to transfer any data to/from your Computer to another at an unimagined speed; it deals with unconventional use of modem to connect to other Computer. Other features include file transfer, instant messaging and remote desktop capture. My Role was to write up the code for one of the module in the project, which was chatting. I was the concerned person taking care of the testing all the functionalities of the project, to implement the new modules, in order to make the most compatible and user friendly design! It was my responsibility to represent the entire project on the stage to judges, where ever we presented the project, as said, presentation is as important as preparing, I always took care to explain my best capabilities to the judges, to make it for sure that our team stands high on platform, compared to other competitors.


ü        This project has been short-listed under www.msapp.net (Microsoft India Academic Certified Projects)


ü        Out Standing Design Award, certified by IEEE HQ.



ü        Presented as a Project at Colosseum ’05 organized jointly by Computer Society of India and Nirma Student Branch. (2nd Prize)


ü        Presented as a Project at Convergence 2005 organized by U. V. Patel College of Engineering. (2nd Prize)


3. Title: OPTIRMS (Optimum Resource Management System)


Semester: V


Team Size: 2


Guided by: Prof. V. K. Patel


Description: Again an innovative concept, Created Clusters (Beowulf and Open-Mosix) in Linux, Fedora Core -3, and provided a GUI to it using QT editor, this GUI shows you the Dynamic Power that is been obtained from every single PC which is the Part of the Cluster. I was co programmer along with my friend, taking care and looking up to the process that, the project does the designated task. Our main intension in coding the project was to demonstrate the process of Load Sharing and how you can run the thread of your process utilizing the computational power of different computers in network.


4. Title: Digitized Map of Ganpat University (J2EE / JSP)


Semester: VII


Team Size: 10


Guided by: Prof. R. D. Vanzara


Description: This was the pre final year project that we were supposed to complete, to get the credits in Software Engineering Subject. My role was as a Module Leader with 3 other programmers in my team. We integrated a module, of telephone directory in the project, which was one of the most prominent feature of the project, The Project was directed to include all the details about the university, in order to make the best user design interphase, while in search for any details of the university, ranging from the Student Records, Contact information of faculty, Mark sheets, etc can be obtained from this software.


5. Commercial Project in Internet Engineering



Semester: VII


Team Size: 5


Guided by: Prof. V. K. Patel


Description: This was a requisite 4 credit Lab Work for our subject, Internet Engineering. My role in this project was as Project Leader, it was the first time in university, we launched our project commercially! This project was the practical implementation of the website, of our IEEE Student Branch. My role was to direct every member and integrate all the functionalities to see to that consistency is maintained in all pages. I integrated all modules, constructed several modules even and launched the website on WWW Server, as in for same, we were topping the marks from the class in practical sessions of Internet Engineering.